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Woodworm Treatment

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Woodworm Pest Control Service

Woodworm TreatmentThe Common Furniture Beetle is a timber pest of temperate zones and common in UK both indoors and outdoors.

Larvae feed by tunnelling through wood causing damage to structural timbers and furniture. 2 mm adult exit holes in timber. They have a long life cycle of several years.

The adults of this wood-boring beetle emerge from timber in the spring and early summer and fly for mating and distribution. Sometimes mating takes place on the wood from which the female emerges and the eggs are laid immediately after mating. The eggs are pressed into cracks and crevices; frequently the open end grains of sawn and manufactured timber and occasionally drop into the adult emergence holes. An average of around 30 eggs is laid per female and usually in groups of two or three. Two to four weeks later the eggs have hatched, and the young larvae bore into the timber. The tunnelling activities are rather random in the wood, although frequently following the line of the grain. Both soft and hard woods are attacked. Indoors, the life cycle seems never to take less than two years and may take between three and four years.

Other beetles associated with timber include:

  • Death-Watch Beetle
  • House Longhorn Beetle
  • Wharf Borer
  • Powder Post Beetle

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