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Common Signs Of Rats And Mice In Your Property


Common Signs Of Rats And Mice In Your Property

Unsure whether or not you have rats/mice in your property? The Pest Control Co are here to explain how to spot the signs and how to remove and prevent these unpleasant rodents from returning.

How to identify mice and rats in a property: 

rodent - a mouse


Rat droppings are pellet shaped and long, whereas mice droppings are small and look like a grain of rice. Rodents will excrete anywhere but it’s more likely you’ll find them in food cupboards, along skirting boards and behind furnishings (places that are dark or where they are hidden).

Rub marks 

Rats and mice have oily, dirty bodies that leave marks along skirting boards and doors. If you have pets, you may find that they’re drawn to these areas because they can identify the presence of pests. 

Gnaw marks

Rats and mice like to chew everything, whether that’s cupboards, doors, furnishings, wires – they’re curious and aren’t particularly picky. If you notice these markings, it’s important to call in the professionals for rat control or mice control. Don’t let the infestation grow, rodent damage to electrical wires can result in a power failure and even an electrical fire – so be very wary and vigilant.


Rats and mice nests look very similar, made up of shredded paper, cardboard, string, or even toys – any accessible materials around them. These nests are likely to be found in basements, attics and inside walls. 

Unpleasant odours 

Rodents urinate very frequently, leaving small trails of ammonia-smelling wee behind them, wherever they go. The stronger the smell the closer you’re likely to be to their nest. This can help you to locate their home within your home – a great place to start when turning to pest control.


If rats and mice find small cracks and crevices, chances are they will gnaw at them to create bigger ones, making sure they have access to multiple areas inside the property. Should you see these entrances/exit holes make sure you seal them to prevent them from coming in and out – this will make your home more secure anyway.

Pet behaviour

They may be alert, scratching at the walls, continually sniffing or barking/meowing. If your pets are acting strange or different to their usual selves, they might be trying to tell you that you have a pest infestation. 

The Pest Control Co are your local pest technicians who work discreetly with unmarked vehicles, providing child and pet safe treatments to ensure you’re left pest-free. We’re fully insured and accredited, so if you’ve found signs of rats or signs of mice, call on our  experts for optimal rodent control. We have a wealth of experience and a long history of happy customers throughout Derby, Nottingham, Leicester and nationwide. 


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