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How to Get Rid of Rodents


How to Get Rid of Rodents

Winter is the optimal time for rats and mice to try and set up camp in your warm and cosy home, so we recommend setting up traps and mouse proofing your home before the cold weather fully takes hold. Having rodents in your home can cause a multitude of issues, as not only will they chew through just about anything, they also can carry a large number of bacteria and diseases, as well as leaving behind a mess that can trigger asthma attacks. In this article we explain how to get rid of rodents as well as provide some tips on how to identify if you have them in your property in the first place.

Common signs you have rodents

rodent - a mouse

If you live near a woodland or fields, you may be quite aware of the signs that rodents have infiltrated your property, but some are harder to spot than others. Some of the most common telltale signs of rodent infestations include:

  • Rat teeth marks

Mice and rats will gnaw at anything they can get their teeth into, whether this is cables, clothing, or shoes. Bite marks are easy to notice around the house and are a sure sign of a rodent infestation. They will also use their teeth to strip your attic of insulation to make nests, costing you money for replacements.

  • Droppings

Depending on the type of dropping you can find, you’ll be able to tell whether you have a mice or a rat infestation. If the droppings are oval in shape, you have rats, and if you find elongated, small and pointy droppings, you’re dealing with mice.

  • Small holes

Rodents don’t appear in your home without an entrance. Mice can fit through a gap as wide as a ballpoint pen, so making sure your home has no accessible gaps before the winter sets in, not only keeps rodents out but keep your home properly insulated.

Getting rid of rodents

cat's paws

Now you’ve determined you’ve got a rodent problem, it’s time to implement techniques to get rid of them as quickly as possible before they cause any more damage. Depending on how bad your rodent infestation is, you might be able to get rid of them with a few tricks.

  • Mousetraps

One of the best ways to get control of a mouse infestation is placing mouse traps throughout the area you believe they are hiding. It’s crucial to use as many mouse traps as you can to ensure they are all caught, as many people dramatically underestimate the number of pests that are running around their home. Laying different kinds of traps will give you a higher chance of catching all the mice, since some might catch onto your tactics and avoid certain traps.

  • Bait

You can add bait such as peanut butter and grapes to the mouse traps to heighten interest, as well as buy sealed packets of poisoned bait, where the rodents will gnaw through the packets and die. If using poison, ensure it is kept far away from children and pets.

  • Cats

Most cats love playing and catching mice, so if a mice infestation is a regular occurrence, we’d recommend seriously considering getting a cat as a pet, as they’ll be able to control the rodent population without you lifting a finger.

  • Rodent Control

Unfortunately the above techniques don’t always work, especially not in the long term. We highly recommend hiring a professional pest control company, as they can ensure all rodents are removed and can help you prevent future infestations. We suggest granting professional pest control companies to hard to reach areas and decluttering the rooms, as it will assure total removal of the rodents.


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