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Pests in Retail: How to Stop & Prevent Pests


Pests in Retail: How to Stop & Prevent Pests

If you own, manage, or work in a retail business, you know how important it is to maintain a clean environment so you can display your stock in the best light to all your customers. Unfortunately, no matter how clean you keep your business, you may still experience a pest problem throughout the years. We’ve put together a comprehensive guide on how to spot pest infestations and how to prevent them. 

Rats at work 🐀

Rats and mice search for warmth and shelter during the colder months, so it’s more common to experience a rat infestation during the winter. Rats are relatively easy to spot, as they leave a lot of evidence behind. Look for grease marks on the skirting boards as they often rub against the sides of them in order to navigate around the room and make loud scurrying noises throughout the property. Droppings are the most obvious sign you’ve got a rodent infestation, so as soon as you notice any signs it’s vital you hire a professional pest control company immediately, as rodents are renowned for carrying diseases which poses a health risk to your customers.

Ants at work 🐜

Ants can find their way into any property due to their size and can be a very difficult pest to get rid of. Although ants are not disease carriers, they may contaminate food by walking from a contaminated area to a non-contaminated area. Ants can be removed quite easily, but to prevent them from coming back, you’ll need to add some preventative measures to your property. We recommend hiring professionals to locate the ant nest, so they can target the issue at the source.

Cockroaches at work

Cockroaches can hide in small areas, have a distinct, unpleasant metallic smell and leave droppings everywhere they go. They can be difficult to track down as they are nocturnal animals, but if you know where to look, you’re likely to find them. Cockroaches tend to shelter in dark places, such as food stores, cracks in the walls and drains. These places are often difficult to clean on a regular basis, which is why cockroaches often come back after you’ve implemented pest control methods. After you’ve gotten rid of the cockroaches, it’s important you add some preventative measures, such as placing food in airtight containers and repairing drains. Professional pest control contractors will locate any areas that need sealing or repairing more thoroughly than you would with DIY methods.

Flies at work

Flies can be a regular issue, especially if your store sells any food that’s fresh and can begin to rot quickly. Flies are easy to spot, especially in a retail store, and can quickly become a health hazard to customers, as flies are carriers for diseases that cause food poisoning and other serious illnesses. By applying a standard and strict hygiene practice in your place of business and keeping your windows and doors closed, you’ll be preventing the spread of flies and the problem from repeating. 


Here at The Pest Control Co, we offer a first-rate pest removal service for businesses working in retail. We have helped a wide range of businesses with a variety of pest issues in the Nottingham, Derby and Leicester areas. We provide a discreet service with unmarked vehicles and our local technicians are fully insured and accredited – so you can be sure you’ve come to the right place. Contact us today for more information on any of our services.

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