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Your Essential Pest Calendar 


Your Essential Pest Calendar 

Pests can damage your property during any time of the year, but being aware of what time of year each pest is more likely to infiltrate your home makes it easier for you to prevent it. That’s why we’ve created a guide on which pests are more likely to cause a problem during the different seasons of the year. 

Spring pests 

Although we associate spring with baby chicks and lambs, the spring’s warm weather brings about the start of mating seasons for many animals, including woodworm. Woodworms will swarm in numbers towards any wooden items, including your furniture. Woodworms will also travel towards the structure of your home and any firewood you keep outside your home. To prevent woodworm from destroying your home, keep the humidity in your home low, and remove any infected wood immediately.

Spring brings about the perfect weather for moths to thrive. Moths love to feed on anything from flour to nuts to fabrics, and will nest in dark, warm places, like your attic. Although moths are harmless, it will cost you when they’ve eaten through a lot of the items in your home. We recommend sealing your food well to prevent contamination, regularly vacuuming to rid your carpets of moth eggs and washing your clothes regularly.


Summer pests

With the hot weather comes picnics, sunbathing and endless outdoor fun, but if you’ve got a bee or wasp nest building in your garden, so can say goodbye to a peaceful outdoor barbeque in the summer. It’s important to hire a professional pest control company to get rid of any nests that might be developing in your garden or attic, as dealing with bees and wasps can be unpredictable.

Cockroaches also thrive during the summer months, as not only is it their breeding season, but they also prefer a warmer climate. Unlike other pests, cockroaches can enter your home through drainage pipes and cracks in the foundation of your home. Cockroaches often leave behind dirty smears on your floors and skirting boards, but the most noticeable sign you’ve got an infestation is the smell – cockroaches have a metallic, dirty smell that is distinguishable from any other pest. Having a thorough cleaning routine will help with any pest problem, but if you’ve already got an infestation, then hiring a professional pest service will ensure cockroaches are completely gone.


Autumn pests

In autumn, we watch as the weather gets colder, the days get shorter and pests look for warmer places to shelter. A pest infestation can be festering for some time before you realise it’s even an issue. During autumn, take extra care when it comes to spotting and preventing a variety of pests, including bed bugs and squirrels. Bed bugs are hard to spot, but they love soft furnishings, such as sofas, blankets and (you guessed it) beds! Pay extra attention to these areas, looking for dark spots (droppings) and take a look at your skin to see if you’re getting bitten. If you think you’ve got bed bugs, wash all your clothing and linen on a high-temperature wash and vacuum your mattress. If skin problems still persist, call a professional pest control contractor to look at the issue.

Squirrels are very noticeable pests, making loud scurrying noises in your attic as they nest their young, but they can also be very destructive to the roof of your home. Autumn time is when they have the second litter of the year, so they tend to gravitate towards houses as they offer the protection and warmth they look for. However, to rid your home of squirrels it’s crucial you hire a professional pest contractor as there are different laws surrounding red and grey squirrels, so to ensure you operate within the law, we highly recommend this.


Winter pests

The cold months are prime time for mice and rats to try and find a nice, warm place to nest, and more often than not your home offers the perfect environment. Keeping a clean and tidy interior and exterior will help prevent rats and mice from trying to enter your home, but not all preventative measures can be completely pest-proof. Signs of a rodent infestation include droppings and gnaw marks on wood and food (they aren’t very subtle!), so if you’re noticing these problems in your home, try storing food in plastic containers and make sure your home is completely sealed to stop more coming into your home. If you continue to experience issues after this, professional pest control companies will find the source of the problem and add preventative measures immediately. 


Here at The Pest Control Co, we have a wealth of experience within the industry providing safe and controlled pest removal services, serving customers throughout Nottingham, Derby, Leicester and nationwide. Our unmarked vans and discrete uniform allow us to carry out crucial pest control work without drawing attention to the issue. For more information on any of our services, please get in touch with a member of our team today.

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